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Bluebell Wood

Bluebell Wood 3, originally uploaded by Ascendingkitty.

The Bluebell Fairies

When all is dark and quiet,
And nobody’s about,
‘Tis then the bluebell fairies
Come dancing softly out.

They first peep from the bluebells
To see that no one’s there —
At us they might be frightened;
They don’t mind Mr. Hare!

They tell him elfin stories
Of wonder and delight,
And creep, when morning wakens,
Back in the bluebells bright.

Mother Nature Stories- 1908.
Howard E. Altemus

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The Nature Sanctuary, originally uploaded by Gemma Grace.


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nature’s marbles

nature’s marbles, originally uploaded by sapaho.

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What is it?

rippled, originally uploaded by sapaho.

An amazing mushroom

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will-o’-the-wisp, originally uploaded by sapaho.


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Warmth Of Light

Warmth Of Light, originally uploaded by Sysagent.

Rushen Abbey, est 1134 AD Ballasalla

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the veil between …

beam me up, Scotty, originally uploaded by Jason Daniel Brown.

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