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One Fine Hair Day

One Fine Hair Day, originally uploaded by ‚ô•babybee.

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Druid Tree

Druid Tree, originally uploaded by Shades of Gray.

Blarney Castle, Ireland

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Warmth Of Light

Warmth Of Light, originally uploaded by Sysagent.

Rushen Abbey, est 1134 AD Ballasalla

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fern and tree

Wood and Stone, originally uploaded by Peter Crump.


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Sorceress, originally uploaded by porkfork6.

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Bluebells of Maulden Wood
John Broadhouse

Dappled shadows that dance to Springs’ chilled breeze,
Paint a tapestry of rainbow streaked hues.
Knurled roots entwine yesterday crumbling earth,
Lay bare the foundations for future growth,
And upwards like maturing monoliths,
They are anchored by their birth and death,
Destined to shelter the flowering blue sea.
A scented coliseum of Bluebells,
Offers silent beauty to a Robins call.
Here changes are made by the four seasons,
Eternal as the rising sun & moon.
Nature’s gift of majestic beauty,
Is free to those who admire creation,
And protect it for future generations.

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