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Bluebell Wood

Bluebell Wood 3, originally uploaded by Ascendingkitty.

The Bluebell Fairies

When all is dark and quiet,
And nobody’s about,
‘Tis then the bluebell fairies
Come dancing softly out.

They first peep from the bluebells
To see that no one’s there —
At us they might be frightened;
They don’t mind Mr. Hare!

They tell him elfin stories
Of wonder and delight,
And creep, when morning wakens,
Back in the bluebells bright.

Mother Nature Stories- 1908.
Howard E. Altemus

Metlack Falls

Metlack Falls, originally uploaded by photogitis.

Bubble gum Eggs

Bubble gum Eggs, originally uploaded by La Belle Avenue.

The fairy table

The fairy table, originally uploaded by La Belle Avenue.

fairy dust

Tinkerbell, originally uploaded by scottwills.